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Being a novel infectious agent, there is no specific treatment available for Covid-19 as of now and many efforts currently revolve around testing existing medicines or developing new remedial agents.
Some present clinical trials are evaluating azithromycin and chloroquine therapy / Vitamin C infusion for the treatment of severe Covid-19 infected pneumonia / the efficacy and safety of mefloquine as prophylaxis / the efficacy of melatonin as prophylaxis / interest in the administration of Dornase alpha aerosol in ARDS secondary to respiratory etc…
A question that few are considering at this point is: Could water used externally be part of the prevention and treatment for Covid-19 ?
This is what a symposium of Adventist medical doctors discussed, on April 12, examining both the results of hydrotherapy treatments applied in Adventists institutions during the 1918 flu pandemic and most recent scientific evidences on the mechanisms and efficacy of hot and cold water therapies.
Enjoy the great “Medical Symposium about the lessons learned from the 1918 Flu and their applications to COVID-19” with the participation of Dr. Peter Landless, Dr. Zeno Charles Marcel, Dr. Neil Nedley, Dr. Lela Lewis, Dr. Richard Hart , Dr. Roger Scheult, Dr. Eric Nelson, Dr. John Kelly, Dr. Marc Finley, Dr. Angie Brauer