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But to you who fear My name the Sun of Righteousness shall arise with healing in His wings. 
Malachie 4:2


Sharing Health, Healing and Hope

Healthful living and whole person care are part of our genes as Adventists. While much has been done in the area of prevention and health promotion, less attention has been given to the implementation of lifestyle interventions in the treatment of chronic diseases or to the use of a bio-psycho-social-spiritual model of care.

The 2nd European Health Conference, that took place in Bucharest, Rumania, from April 17-21, 2018, has been organized with the following goals:
- Present the Adventist health care paradigm
- Provide scientific-evidences for the reversal of chronic diseases through intensive lifestyle changes
- Motivate and inform medical professionals about the practice of whole person care
- Share models for today’s ministry of healing

Most of the plenary and workshop presentations of the 2018 Health Conference, are accessible until the end of March 2020 at:  https://www.european-health-conference.org
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In the hearts of all mankind, of whatever race or station in life, there are inexpressible longings for something they do not now possess. This longing is implanted in the very constitution of man by a merciful God, that man may not be satisfied with his present conditions or attainments, whether bad, or good, or better.
It is God's design that this longing of the human heart should lead to the One who alone is able to satisfy it.
Haggai calls him “The Desire of all nations,” and we may well call him “The Desire of all ages,” even as He is “The King of ages.”

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